Top left: Rough draft/sketch

Top right: The “transparent background” finished version.

Bottom: The finished version with a colored background.


Hi May, by the time you’re reading this I have probably sought shelter in a foreign land and am protected by really cute animals or the secret service (they’re not as effective but probably cheaper?) so you can’t mutilate me and then proceed to kill me.

I just felt like drawing this concept for some reason! I’ve been really pumped about May’s …neotp? Is that right? (Obviously not pumped enough to know what they are called. Lord let me get at least their names right.) So I just drew this today!

The concept is that Yvanelle has lost her wings—but that doesn’t matter because they are the OTP forever! The poem (actually a song, okay) goes along with that concept for this art piece; the first verse on the left being Yvannale and the second verse on the right being Kojituu.

The positioning of the two was a little challenging/interesting but hopefully it looks okay without looking weird? Dogs seem pretty uncaring about awkward positions and I think that they could actually be in this position without having any limbs out of joint or anything haha. I tried to get the markings as close as I could to the descriptions on the really short neopt page (this is a challenge, yes, fight me) for the exception of the wings for aforementioned reasons.

Hope you like it, May! If you want me to put up a transparent background one without a poem, or the colored one without it, or some other variation of the picture, let me know! I’d be happy to do that (I say as you sharpen your knives on my spine.)

I’ll never tell you where I am.