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The Buggered Booger



Did a five minute workout but it felt good!

I’m going to make this today as well. (Maybe I’ll just eat mug cakes all day today. There’s whipped cream, too.)

I’m going to make this today.


Evening in the Country by Béla Bartók, To A Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell, The Love of God, and Blessed Assurance.

I colored a popsicle stick this evening. :) I actually like how it turned out! It looks much better in person as the colors are stronger and look better to the naked eye, but these pictures let you see what it looks like. I’m probably going to either put some accessories on this, or turn it into a bookmark.

drawmokie sent:

draw mokie

I think this is the fourth time or so you’ve asked me (give or take) and I’m not going to draw Mokie yet, sorry!

Pig doodles again.


Drawing some fanart of Beb’s Rinh.

Here’s the upload!

More Uploads Coming…

Recently I’ve been re-inspired musically (and artistically in general, I suppose.) I thought I’d start uploading more of what I do. It’s nothing special, and I don’t have proper recording equipment yet, but I’ll probably be getting some in the relatively-near future. For right now, I’m just going to use the built-in settings for my laptop and upload various songs and things I play throughout the week. It’ll be whatever I feel like playing—there’s nothing concrete, and I’m not stressing to make it “ready” for uploading or anything—it’s just therapy music for me.

For me, there are times when I’m performing and times when I’m playing for myself (which is what I call “therapy” art/music.) When I’m playing to perform, I’m a perfectionist. I want it to be as good as I can get it technically as far as playing and recording. I want everything to be the best I can offer. But when I’m drawing therapy art or playing therapy music, it’s for me. I don’t care what you or anyone thinks. I ease into the state of letting go and just going with what feels good to me—fulfilling my artist’s and musician’s needs and feelings, if you will.

So these uploads are going to be therapy uploads. They’re meant for me and my personal purposes rather than playing to impress or gain viewers. For right now I’m going to be posting them on Sound Cloud at no set schedule. If I feel that it’s worth it, I’ll look into uploading them on YT later. I’m open to constructive criticism, and I review and critique my own music (which I feel any musician should do as they develop their abilities and future); but if I label or tag the upload as therapy, then keep in mind that I’m probably aware of what you’re saying and I’m going to be polite about it but I’m not really as interested in “fixing” a piece or what I’m playing because I’m just playing to get it out of my system and do what I’d like to do.

Anyways, I’ll have the Sound Cloud upload here in a little bit. Hopefully others can enjoy its raw and personal state as much as I enjoy creating it. And of course, if you see this, thanks for following or reading; it’s support, and it means a lot!

Cantarella - Music Box